Tin Man and AAAA collaborate as DOVS on new album for Acid Test

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  • The two acid-loving producers will release their LP, Silent Cities, in May.
  • Tin Man and AAAA collaborate as DOVS on new album for Acid Test image
  • Tin Man and AAAA are putting out an album from their new project, DOVS, in May. Mexican producer Gabo Barranco (AAAA) and the Vienna-based Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) have a lot in common, with both artists making their names on hardware-based, acid-inflected dance music in recent years. Though their similar approaches "make this collaboration feel natural, even expected," the press release says, "Silent Cities is anything but." The LP makes heavy use of classic acid house instrument the Roland TB-303, but the press release adds that the duo "arrive in new, mysterious territory this time out." Like most of Tin Man's recent material, Silent Cities will come via the newly Berlin-based label, Acid Test. Before the LP's release in May, Acid Test will put out a remix EP on April 26th. That one features new versions of Silent Cities tracks from Auvinen and Barranco themselves, along with a rework of "Nostalgic Oblivion" from John Tejada. Listen to album closer "Diazepam Blues."
    Listen to clips from the remix EP.
    Tracklist A1 Rad Glyers Above All A2 Distant Buildups A3 Fluffy Designs B1 Nostalgic Oblivion B2 Rene Figures C1 Portal Vein C2 Sixteenth Shelters C3 Whining Acid D1 Atlantis Drive D2 Dysphoric Fix D3 Diazepam Blues Acid Test will release Silent Cities Remixes on April 26th, 2019 and Silent Cities on May 10th, 2019.