New Italo reissue label, Tempo Dischi, launches with Steel Mind 12-inch

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  • The platform, which will focus on "disco, Afro and cosmic" dance music from Italy, is run by a collective including Paula Tape.
  • New Italo reissue label, Tempo Dischi, launches with Steel Mind 12-inch image
  • A new label called Tempo Dischi, focusing on reissuing classic dance records from 1980s Italy, will launch in March. Tempo Dischi is a collective of DJs including Paula Tape who say they have "support from all the main players that... made that era magic," and that they will "work to put back on record store shelves pieces of art that may have been lost but [are] still timeless." The first release comes from Steel Mind, the Krautrock-influenced side project led by Piero Torsani, who was also in the Italian rock band Caelestium. The reissue of Boss Man, originally from 1983, will feature both tracks from the 12-inch, a remix of the title track from the Tempo Dischi collective along with a never-before-heard outtake "Summer In The City," featuring Marisa Luca, the former vocalist of Caelestium. The label notes the original Boss Man record was a favourite of DJs like Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda and Alexander Robotnick. Paula Tape, real name Paula Soto Carmona, is an Italy-based Chilean artist who made her production debut last year on Project Pablo's record label Sounds of Beaubien Ouest. Listen to clips of Boss Man.
    Tracklist 01. Boss Man 02. Boss Man (Tempo Dischi Edit) 03. Lionel 04. Summer In The City Tempo Dischi will release Boss Man on March 8th, 2019.