DJ Spider announces new album, Democide

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  • The US techno artist's first album in four years lands via Green Village Records in March.
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  • DJ Spider has a new album on the way next month. The bulk of Rob Hampton's music has been released through one of his three labels—Plan B Recordings, Sublevel Sounds and BTU Music—but Democide will come out on Green Village, a label, art collective and party series from Hampton's native New Jersey. Arriving March 26th, the LP will be his first since 2015's Upon The Gates Of The Great Depth, pulling together 12 tracks of techno, house, instrumental hip-hop and more. Listen to the opening cut, "Kill Your TV."
    Revisit Hampton's RA podcast from 2016.
    Tracklist 01. Kill Your TV 02. Warhead 03. War Is A Racket 04. Enemy Of The State 05. Repeat Offender 06. 1984 07. Photon Sex Bot 08. The Vector Symbology 09. Doomsday Counsel 10. Necro Nebula 11. Alien Implant Removal 12. Stagecraft Pyschosis Green Village Records will release Democide on March 26th, 2019.