Spanish club Playa Padre catches fire

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  • The beachfront spot was damaged in the blaze yesterday afternoon.
  • Spanish club Playa Padre catches fire image
  • Playa Padre has been consumed by fire. Located on a beach in Marbella to the south of Málaga, the venue caught fire yesterday afternoon in mysterious circumstances, Clubbing Spain reports. Bystander footage of the blaze suggests significant damage to the beach bar, which has hosted numerous big-name DJs like Luciano, Black Coffee and Patrice Bäumel. but Europapress reports that the destruction caused is not as catastrophic as the footage may indicate. Playa Padre is owned by María Bravo, an actor and director born in Málaga, Nicolás Escanez, Albert Beniflah and Carmen Navarrete. It opened in 2017.