Levon Vincent collaborates on short film about the ritual of dance

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    Wed, 6 Feb 2019, 17:10
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  • God, Give Me Peace is a project with director Hugo Fazi that unites creatives from dance, music and fashion.
  • Levon Vincent collaborates on short film about the ritual of dance image
  • Levon Vincent's music has been used as the score in a short film. God, Give Me Peace, a project directed by Hugo Fazi, is a filmic exploration of dance and spirituality specifically inspired by Paul Bourcier's thesis entitled Danser devant les dieux ("Dancing in the sight of gods"). In it, Bourcier writes that dance is an early form of language that predates writing and connects to the gods. Fazi reached out to Vincent for the title track off his 2011 white label Impression Of A Rainstorm. The music has emotional and organic quality, which makes sense given how it was written. The New York producer explains: "I recorded a rainstorm and transcribed it by noting which moments across the time-stream raindrops occurred. Then I applied this pattern of events to my song arrangement and replaced the raindrops with synthetic sounds. In the end, although there is no audio of a rainstorm in the song, you still have the impression that you are safely observing a storm somewhere, watching from behind a window." Vincent's music is translated into movement by French street style dancer Mounia Nassangar, who is the sole character in the film. Costume design comes from New York-based fashion designer Anissa Aida. RA premiered God, Give Me Peace on Facebook. Watch it below.