Gobby returns with new album, Beats By Gobby 2

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  • The 20-track release is due out on Valentine's Day through UNO NYC.
  • Gobby returns with new album, Beats By Gobby 2 image
  • Gobby is back with a new Beats By Gobby release. Beats By Gobby 2 is the American producer's first record since 2016, and it comes via UNO NYC. Like its predecessor, Beats By Gobby 2 is a hip-hop style beat tape with cut-ups of samples both recognizable and obscure. (The downloadable version will differ from the version on streaming services due to sample clearances.) The press release describes lead single "Trunks Nett" as sounding "like a carousel ride after drinking above the legal limit of Monster [energy drinks] and cutting loose a little too much." Watch the video for "Trunks Nett."
    Tracklist 01. Newboz 02. Trunks Nett 03. Marketplace 04. Le Congy 05. YARD 06. Take Pic 07. Chu Chu Chane 08. BB Guide 09. Z Angrily 10. Beatchable Benis 11. Phroccoli 12. Praty Selep 13. I Could Die For Duoi 14. Limon 15. Schwuft! 16. Adam Bladow 17. Fart Outside My Dude 18. Penney Wise 19. I Have A Joke 20. Cloud Harris UNO NYC will release Beats By Gobby 2 on February 14th, 2019.