Jayda G details debut album, Significant Changes, on Ninja Tune

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  • Listen to the first single, "Leave Room 2 Breathe," with Alexa Dash.
  • Jayda G details debut album, Significant Changes, on Ninja Tune image
  • Jayda G's debut album is coming this spring. Following releases on her owns labels, JMG Recordings and Freakout Cult with DJ Fett Burger, Jayda G is releasing Significant Changes on London imprint Ninja Tune in March. The nine-track LP was recorded in 2018, the same year she completed her Masters in Resource And Environmental Management, and its title comes from her final thesis, according to the press release. "I'm trying to bring my two worlds together… to bridge the communication gap, engage people in a new way," she says. Jayda G's 2019 is already busy, with a four-week residency at London club Phonox coming up in February and appearances at festivals such as Kala, Elevate, Rainbow Disco Club and more in the books. Listen to "Leave Room 2 Breathe," with frequent collaborator Alexa Dash, and revisit our 2017 Breaking Through interview with Jayda G.
    Tracklist 01. Unifying The Center (Abstract) 02. Renewal (Hyla Mix) 03. Stanley's Get Down (No Parking on the DF) 04. Jayda G & Alexa Dash - Leave Room 2 Breathe 05. Orca's Reprise 06. Missy Knows What's Up 07. Jayda G & Alexa Dash - Sunshine in the Valley 08. Move To The Front (Disco Mix) 09. Conclusion Ninja Tune will release Significant Changes on March 22nd, 2019. Photo credit: Farah Nosh