New Order to release 'Definitive Edition' of 1981 debut album, Movement

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  • They're also reissuing four early 12-inches including Ceremony and Temptation.
  • New Order to release 'Definitive Edition' of 1981 debut album, Movement image
  • New Order are reissuing their first album, Movement, in April. The "Definitive Edition" of Movement, originally released in 1981, will come with the album in remastered CD and vinyl form, along with an extra CD of unreleased material, a DVD with concert and TV appearances and a hardcover book. It's also available in a bundle with new vinyl reissues of the UK band's first four 12-inch singles: two different versions of Ceremony along with Everything's Gone Green and Temptation, one of the band's earliest hits. (Those 12-inches will be available separately.) The reissues will all come via Rhino Records on April 5th. Listen to "Ceremony (Version 1)."
    Tracklist Movement Disc 1 01. Dreams Never End 02. Truth 03. Senses 04. Chosen Time 05. ICB 06. The Him 07. Doubts Even Here 08. Denial Disc 2 01. Dreams Never End (Western Works Demo) 02. Homage (Western Works Demo) 03. Ceremony (Western Works Demo) 04. Truth (Western Works Demo) 05. Are You Ready For This? (Western Works Demo) 06. The Him (Cargo Demo) 07. Senses (Cargo Demo) 08. Truth (Cargo Demo) 09. Dreams Never End (Cargo Demo) 10. Mesh (Cargo Demo) 11. ICB (Cargo Demo) 12. Procession (Cargo Demo) 13. Cries And Whispers (Cargo Demo) 14. Doubts Even Here (Instrumental) (Cargo Demo) 15. Ceremony (1st Mix - Ceremony Sessions) 16. Temptation (Alternative 7) 17. Procession (Rehearsal Recording) 18. Chosen Time (Rehearsal Recording) Ceremony (Version 1) 01. Ceremony (Version 1) 02. In A Lonely Place Ceremony (Version 2) 01. Ceremony (Version 2) 02. Everything's Gone Green Everything's Gone Green 01. Everything's Gone Green 02. Cries And Whispers 03. Mesh Temptation 01. Temptation 02. Hurt Rhino Records will release Movement (Definitive Edition) on April 5th, 2019.