Mark Leckey signs to Warp for new single, Exorcism Of The [email protected] Rake

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  • There's an Evian Christ remix on the B-side of the limited release, out now.
  • Mark Leckey signs to Warp for new single, Exorcism Of The Bridge@Eastham Rake image
  • Mark Leckey has released a new 10-inch called Exorcism of the [email protected] Rake on Warp Records. The track is a "mutated audio dialogue" sourced from the recent survey of his art at MoMA PS1 in New York, says the label—"a refracted view of his memories and internal mythologizing of a motorway bridge on the M53 in Birkenhead near his childhood home." Warp adds that it sounds "like a decrepit punk band who have just discovered a stack of scratched grime white-labels." Evian Christ provides a remix on the B-side of the gatefold record, which is limited to 500 copies. Leckey's practice consistently touches on music. In the past few years, he put out a collage album called Dream English Kid 1964 - 1999AD on The Death Of Rave, as well as a collaborative LP made with Florian Hecker on PAN. His short film and the accompanying soundtrack, Fiorruci Made Me Hardcore, remains a classic document of British nightlife. Check out the video for "Exorcism of the [email protected] Rake."
    Tracklist A Exorcism Of The [email protected] Rake B Exorcism Of The [email protected] Rake (Evian Christ Remix) Exorcism of the [email protected] Rake is out now via Warp Records.