Leon Vynehall next up on DJ-Kicks

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  • The 26-track mix features new tunes from Peach, Ploy, Pavilion and Vynehall himself, plus music by Haruomi Hosono, Aphex Twin and more.
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  • Leon Vynehall has mixed the next edition of DJ-Kicks for !K7. The UK producer will follow Robert Hood's entry with his 26-track mix, out February next year. Vynehall's set features new music from Ploy, Peach and Pavilion, as well as a new material of his own. The mix also includes songs by Haruomi Hosono, Primitive, Ellen Fullman and others that will be available digitally for the first time. "To me, compiling a DJ-Kicks is a significant statement of intent and representation, so with that in mind, I thought more about the selection than the mix," he says. Earlier this year, Leon Vynehall released his RA-recommended first album, Nothing Is Still, and has been touring a live show in support. (Read Max Pearl's review of Vynehall's performance at New York space The Kitchen.) Next year, he'll be going on a DJ-Kicks tour, stopping at fabric, Concrete, Nitsa and more. Listen to his recent mix for the RA podcast series.
    Tracklist 01. Leon Vynehall - Who Loved Before 02. Kemikal - Genie 03. Tomaga - Giant Bitmap 04. De Fabriek - Loopy 05. Haruomi Hosono - Rose & Beast (????? ) 06. dgoHn - Force To 07. The Bygraves - Set Me Free 08. Degrees Of Freedom - August Is An Angel 09. Ellen Fullman - Over And Under 10. Bourbonese Qualk - Moving Forward 11. Shamos - Nuws 12. Genesis P. Orridge & Dave Ball - Sex & The Married Frog 13. Run Dust - Full Slice 14. DJ Zozi - Mellow Vibe 15. RAC - Fushigi 16. Primitive - Lapis Lazuli B2 17. Crinan - Killimanjaro 18. Ploy - Pressure 19. Leon Vynehall - Ducee's Drawbar (DJ-Kicks) 20. Pavilion - Happy Track 21. Peach - Faxing Jupiter 22. Etch - Unsung Hero Of Irrelevance 23. Mirage - Deep Rage 24. AFX - Children Talking 25. Jana Rush - Divine 26. Robert Haigh - Music For Piano !K7 will release DJ-Kicks: Leon Vynehall on February 1st, 2019.