Boy Harsher to release second album, Careful, next year

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  • It'll come on their Nude Club label in February.
  • Boy Harsher to release second album, Careful, next year image
  • Boy Harsher are putting out a new album next year. Careful's title refers to the American duo's rocky origins. According to the press release, in the group's early years, member Jae Matthews had the word "careful" tattooed across her back before what the duo thought would be their final show. The album is said to be inspired by the dualities of love—"fear and joy, tenderness and pain"—as well as "the enveloping trauma of loss combined with the fantasy of escape." The lyrics on Careful are intensely personal, referencing family death, mental illness and abandonment, as well as the urge to take flight, and the music heavily references classic EBM and synth pop. It'll come via Boy Harsher's own Nude Club label. Watch the video for first single "Face The Fire."
    Tracklist 01. Keep Driving 02. Face the Fire 03. Fate 04. LA 05. Come Closer 06. The Look You Gave (Jerry) 07. Tears 08. Crush 09. Lost 10. Careful Nude Club will release Careful on February 1st, 2018.