Stellar Remnant record shop opens in Downtown Los Angeles

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  • The store is run by Ed Vertov and Lena Deen and focuses on new and used electronic vinyl.
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  • A new record shop called Stellar Remnant just opened in Downtown Los Angeles. It's the project of Ed Vertov and Lena Deen, artists and DJs who relocated from Russia to LA. Vertov came of age in mid-'90s Moscow when techno was a "rebel statement," he says, before relocating to LA in 1997. He's since worked at Amoeba Records, Mount Analog and Virgin Megastore and cofounded Pro-Tez records in 2005. Deen, a native of Samara, Russia, threw parties in Moscow as part the of Habits Die crew and moved to LA in 2011. Vertov and Deen launched Stellar Remnant when the former left Mount Analog in 2015. Around that time, Deen had signed some tracks to Prologue. The label folded before they came out, so they set up a record label to release her music, along with a small online store. In recent years, Stellar Remnant has operated as a pop-up at various underground events like Acid Camp, and now the store is open six days a week behind Bar Franca on Main Street in Downtown LA. We asked Vertov where Stellar Remnant fits into the LA vinyl scene. "Well, first of all, we think there are not enough record shops dedicated to underground electronic music in LA, especially since the closure of Mount Analog," he told Resident Advisor. "We have been doing pop-up appearances at underground events, where we've developed a close relationship with the folks that support the scene... Eventually, the plan is to become a distributor able to showcase local talent, labels and artists."
    Stellar Remnant will be open Sundays from 12 to 8 PM and Tuesday through Saturday from 2 PM to 10 PM, and by appointment at (323) 607-7270. It's closed on Mondays. The shop is located at 438 S Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 behind Bar Franca.