Traffic announces debut album from Frankfurt producer Bodin

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  • Revox is out in November.
  • Traffic announces debut album from Frankfurt producer Bodin image
  • Bodin is releasing an LP on Traffic. Bodin Stojanoski has been a central member of the Traffic crew since the label launched back in 2013. As a producer, he helped shape the imprint's emerging sound with slinky takes on 2-step and electro before settling into a bassline-heavy strain of driving house and techno. Revox, his debut LP, primarily showcases the latter across eight tracks and four sides of vinyl. It's also the first LP to be released on Traffic, following a host of EPs from the likes of [email protected], Etienne and Martyné & Jacob. Bodin has also brought out music with other key labels from the Frankfurt-Offenbach area, working with GOSU and Pressure Traxx. Learn more about Traffic in our Label Of The Month feature. Listen to clips from Revox.
    Tracklist A1 Phonecall A2 Overture B1 TwinsV B2 Gecko C1 Revox C2 Sunup D1 Move out D2 Vibrations Traffic will release Revox in November, 2018.