Príncipe reveals debut Niagara album, Apologia

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  • The Lisbon label describes the trio's 13-track LP as 'Fourth World PLUS.'
  • Príncipe reveals debut Niagara album, Apologia image
  • Príncipe act Niagara has revealed its debut album, Apologia, out next Friday. While previous efforts from the trio of António Arruda, Alberto Arruda and Sara Eckerson have veered closer towards house than the fast-paced Afro-Portuguese sound Príncipe's built its name on, Apologia is a stylistic departure. Most of the 13-tracks fall around the three minute mark and the new sound is a "patchwork of today's moods of exotica" with some "sparse synth work reminiscent of Blade Runner's skyline," reads the press release, which sums up the new style as "Fourth World PLUS." Though it's the trio's first LP, they've released a spate of singles on Príncipe, FTD and their own Ascender imprint since 2013. Listen to "Siena."
    Tracklist 01. França 02. 6:30 03. Momento Braga 04. 40 05. Senhora Do Cabo 06. 2042 07. Damasco 08. Siena 09. Graffiti 10. Via Garibaldi (CD Bonus Track) 11. Matriz (CD Bonus Track) 12. Cabo Verde (CD Bonus Track) 13. O Astro (CD Bonus Track) Príncipe will release Apologia on September 14th, 2018.
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