Fumiya Tanaka returns to Perlon with Ab 12-inch

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  • A new two-tracker from the Japanese producer is on the way.
  • Fumiya Tanaka returns to Perlon with Ab 12-inch image
  • Fumiya Tanaka's next release is a 12-inch for Perlon called Ab. It'll be Tanaka's first solo release on Perlon for Tanaka since his 2016 LP You Find The Key (he also appeared on last year's Superlongevity 6 compilation). The Japanese minimal house producer put together two tracks for the record, which is due out in early September. Tanaka recently put out a collaborative 12-inch with Kuniyuki on his own Sundance label, where earlier this year he collected some of his solo material into the Beautiful Days 2010-2015 mix CD. Listen to samples for Ab at Juno.
    Tracklist A On A Bass B Dreaming Perfect Zebras Perlon will release Ab in early September, 2018.