Príncipe Discos cofounders start new label, HOLUZAM

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  • The first two releases, by Telectu and DWART, have been confirmed.
  • Príncipe Discos cofounders start new label, HOLUZAM image
  • José Moura and Márcio Matos—the brains behind the Lisbon label Príncipe Discos—are launching a new outlet called HOLUZAM. The first two releases, which both land on August 3rd, suggest HOLUZAM will have a jazz and avant-garde focus. Belzebu, a 1983 EP by Telectu, was one of the first minimalist pieces released in Portugal, while Taipei Disco, by the journalist and electronic artist António Duarte, AKA DWART, was conceived in China between 1989 and 1993. Listen to both EPs via Bandcamp. Read Ryan Keeling's 2014 feature on Príncipe Discos. Tracklist Belzebu 01. Rotas / Opera / Tenet 02. Arepo / Sator Taipei Disco 01. Taipei Disco 02. Taipei Disco (Live) 03. Red Mambo (Impromptu) HOLUZAM will release Belzebu and Taipei Disco on August 3rd, 2018.