Henrik Schwarz announces new project, Plunderphonia, on !K7's neo-classical label 7K!

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  • The new LP sees Schwarz teaming with the Alma Quartet to make new music based on compositions from the likes of Bach, Mozart and Brahms.
  • Henrik Schwarz announces new project, Plunderphonia, on !K7's neo-classical label 7K! image
  • 7K!, !K7's neo-classical and avant-garde label, has announced details of a new project from German artist Henrik Schwarz called Plunderphonia, which will lead to an album release next March. The project, inspired by Plunderphonics—a term coined by composer John Oswald to describe music made with repurposed audio recordings—sees Schwarz "plunder" musical segments from string quartet pieces by the likes of Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Brahms and Terry Riley. Over a period of five years, he went through more than 700 compositions, settling on parts from around 70 of them, which were recorded by the Amsterdam-based Alma Quartet. We're told those recordings "were turned into digital stems for Schwarz to electronically deconstruct and reconstruct, resulting in a new composition." "I would hear hit records in the string quartet compositions," Schwarz says. "Suddenly you have four bars that are absolutely incredible, that are super modern even if they are 200 years old. By just extracting them and taking away everything else, you put it into a new context and find ways of connecting different string quartets into something new." Schwarz and the Alma Quartet will debut the project in a so-called "pilot" form at next month's Pop-Kultur Festival in Berlin. A full premiere is set for March 23rd, 2019 at Elbphililharmonie in Hamburg, where they'll perform a new album, set to be released that same day. Further details on the LP are still TBA. A few months ago, Schwarz teamed with Metropole Orkest to release an album through 7K!. Watch a video to learn more about Plunderphonia.
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