Séance Centre announces double-LP compilation of 'vocalese new age music' from MJ Lallo

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  • The 14-track set comprises music recorded between 1982 and 1997 and comes out in September.
  • Séance Centre announces double-LP compilation of 'vocalese new age music' from MJ Lallo image
  • For its latest reissue, Séance Centre looks to early works from composer and singer MJ Lallo. The label describes Lallo as an "award-winning composer, singer and voice over artist [who] uses her voice to sound like trumpets, bass, cello, birds and drums." She's scored feature films and done character voices for the likes of Columbia Pictures and Levi's over the years, but the forthcoming Take Me With You compilation, as well as the Star Child EP released on Séance Centre earlier this year, focus on her "vocalese new age" work, which "ranges from wordless harmonizer mantras and primitive drum computer meditations, to psychedelic Latin dance floor anthems," the label says. The music on the forthcoming double-LP set was recorded between 1982 and 1997 using a drum computer, synthesizer and her own vocals processed through a Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Processor. Séance Centre says Lallo's music is the work of an artist on her own journey, but references Jon Hassell, Meredith Monk, Stereolab and Joan La Barbara as acts occupying similar sonic territory. Séance Centre, launched last year by former Invisible City Editions man Brandon Hocura and co-owner Naomi Hocura, has reissued music from cult favourites like Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Michel Banabila and Eblen Macari over its short run. Listen to clips from Take Me With You.
    Tracklist A1 Suite for Jupiter A2 Singing In The Lightyears A3 Galaxy Latina A4 Buddha's 2nd Coming B1 Midnight In The Sky B2 Ancient Mars B3 Lunar Tribal Ritual B4 Alien Angels C1 Pleiades Chanting C2 Sighting Rainbows C3 Healing For The Heart D1 U.F.O. D2 UR Dreaming In Slow Motion Z3 Breathing A Prayer Séance Centre will release Take Me With You on September 7th, 2018.
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