Frank Bretschneider curates first Raster compilation, SICHTEN 1

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    Tue, Jul 17, 2018, 09:44
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  • Benjamin Brunn, and Mads E. Nielsen all feature on the label's first compilation since the Raster-Noton split last year.
  • Frank Bretschneider curates first Raster compilation, SICHTEN 1 image
  • A Frank Bretschneider-curated compilation is on the way via German experimental label Raster. SICHTEN 1 is the first compilation for Raster since Raster-Noton's 2017 reorganisation back into two entities (the other being Carsten Nicolai's Noton). It inaugurates a series that has Olaf Bender's label "looking for more hidden, unknown, perhaps forgotten music," which will be presented on double-vinyl and digital formats with a text explaining each curator's approach. Bretschneider, who founded the original Rastermusic imprint with Bender in 1996 (the label then merged with Noton a few years later to form Raster-Noton), enlisted six producers who are brand new to the label to contribute a few tracks each. Benjamin Brunn, and Kvitnu affiliate Zavoloka are all involved, along with Mimicof (AKA Midori Hirano), Mads Emil Nielsen and Pierce Warnecke, who's released on Room40. The tracks range from "accessible" to "very abstract," according to the label. Listen to Brunn's "Joy."
    Tracklist 01. Zavoloka - Transmutatsia 02. Mimicof - Love Control feat. Hprizm 03. Benjamin Brunn - Joy 04. - Horses 05. Mads E. Nielsen - Unfold 06. Mads E. Nielsen - Unt. Percussion Loop 07. Mimicof - Spark 08. Pierce Warnecke - Bogusstratagem 09. Mads E. Nielsen - Circles 10. Zavoloka - Inflame 11. - Rodeo 12. - Gauchos 13. Benjamin Brunn - Alloy 14. Pierce Warnecke - Shiftform 15. Pierce Warnecke - Hddxenoglossy 16. Mads E. Nielsen - Framework 12 17. Mimicof - Cycle 18. Benjamin Brunn - Coy Raster will release SICHTEN 1 on September 21st, 2018.