Scuba to take 'extended break from touring'

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  • After a gig at Berghain's Säule next month, the UK DJ will go on a touring hiatus.
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  • Scuba says he's taking an "extended break from touring" after next month. The London-based DJ, AKA Paul Rose, revealed the news in an Instagram post following a ten-hour closing set at Berghain in Berlin this past weekend. "I just need a long break from the traveling," he says, adding that he's "taken over 1500 flights in the last ten years, and that's more than enough for anyone." Rose also said he would likely still play a few gigs in London every once in a while. Before the hiatus, he'll host a showcase for his label Hotflush at Berghain's Säule room, alongside Or:la and Saoirse. He says his set will be different than usual, "some proper bassbin action." Rose has a long history with Berghain, including hosting the dubstep-oriented SUB:STANCE parties, which he also mentioned started almost ten years ago to the day. A separate Facebook post offers a bit more context, saying that he had already cut down his gigs to five or six a month, which created a "half and half existence, and regularly getting myself from one mindset to the other proved to be more difficult than just constantly being on the go. So I need to see how I go with a 'normal life' for a few months and then take it here."