New RAICES fundraiser compilation, For The Kids, aims to reunite families at US border

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    Mon, 9 Jul 2018, 17:16
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  • Beta Librae, Huerco S, Terekke and Luis (AKA DJ Python) all appear on the 29-track collection from Terry Radio.
  • New RAICES fundraiser compilation, For The Kids, aims to reunite families at US border image
  • The online station Terry Radio has released a compilation to benefit the Texas nonprofit RAICES. For The Kids leans towards house and techno's more eccentric side, with contributions from the likes of Ali Berger, Beta Librae, Huerco S (as H.S), Pascäal, Terekke and Luis (a moniker of DJ Python). It's out via Terry Planet, the label arm of Terry Radio, a streaming platform that broadcasts from homes and studios across the United States. All proceeds will go towards RAICES, a Texas nonprofit that offers consultations and legal services to refugee immigrants entering the country. They recently launched the Family Reunification Project in response to the family-separation policy that the Trump administration enacted. "Despite what the media says about Trump signing an executive order to end children being separated there are still reports of thousands upon thousands of families being torn apart daily," the label says. "Our government has yet to find a permanent solution. So with that said all funds raised from the compilation will be donated to RAICES which reunites these families by paying for the bonds of the parents which are at a minimum $1500." Listen to For The Kids and buy on Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. Acemo - ICE Memory 02. Maxine & Cleo - Back In This 03. Shortwave - Heart Beat 04. Flora FM - Sun Traction (Rotational Focus Mix) 05. Luis - June (Dry & Sigh Mix) 06. Z.F Mintgreen - 00B 07. Ali Berger - 0104 08. Beta Librae - Sunshine Rundown 09. Bergsonist - Human Rights, Loss 10. mdo - Dream Injection 7 11. Carpet Group - Tracing Viola Sentiment 12. Pascäal - Volitans 13. Pontiac Streator - Zero To Nothing 14. Terekke - Evaporainin 15. H.S - Our Waters 16. Axine M - Fake Smile Self-Preservation 17. Palliance - Since 1902 18. Opheliaxz - Phlox Drummondii 19. Mr. Curtains - Theme 20. Brown Irvin - Ambi 22. Forest Management - Different Sleep 23. Ulla Straus - Kids 24. Deflector - Stranger 25. Moní Moní - Piledriver 26. Ellijah - Hidden Chambers 27. 2lanes - Thrilled N Chilled Out 28. Exael - Melt 29. JS - 800 sleep (Final) For The Kids is out now on Terry Planet.