patten want their new online forum, 555-5555, to fill in the 'cracks' left by social media

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  • The London-based duo has launched a club night, design practice, zine, playlist, radio show and forum under the 555-5555 banner.
  • patten want their new online forum, 555-5555, to fill in the 'cracks' left by social media image
  • A message-board-style online forum is the latest venture from patten's 555-5555 project. The duo tells Resident Advisor it started 555-5555 "as a home for other things we wanted to do outside of patten." Thus far, this has included the Powerlunches club night, visual work for Daphni and The Glitch Mob, a zine, a playlist and a radio show based of the group's open calls for new and unreleased music from around the world. "The format of what we do through 555-5555 varies," patten says, "but there's a lot that connects it in finding alternative ways to rewire platforms so they start to turn into something new. The forum felt like something that we needed to make happen to continue that." patten says the forum will maintain a zero-tolerance policy on racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic imagery or language from the start, and it is also designed as a more permanent archive, different from the transience of social media chatter. "The socials are all useful because communities have grown there that couldn't otherwise... but cracks are showing with them developing in ways that don't necessarily work that well for us all," patten says. "A lot of people are obviously feeling the same lack—labels, artists, promoters, writers and listeners. So maybe it's time we started building our own new spaces to do what we need them to." Check out the forum here.