Behringer unveils video of TR-808 clone in action

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    Thu, May 3, 2018, 16:47
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  • The analog RD-808 is one of many vintage synth and drum machine clones the German company is planning to produce.
  • Behringer unveils video of TR-808 clone in action image
  • Behringer has unveiled a prototype of its Rhythm Designer RD-808 drum machine. The German manufacturer showed off the RD-808's features in a video for Sonic State today. The drum machine, modeled on the iconic TR-808, has a few notable features highlighted in the clip. There are 11 independent analog outputs, which allow users to record patterns as multi-track audio; there's the option to sync MIDI data via USB; and there is a bus compressor that can be assigned to individual drum outputs or to the master. In the video, Behringer engineer Pete Sadler estimates that the company is "a month to two months away from mass production at this point." It's the latest in a series of vintage synth and drum machine clones that Behringer has announced, including its versions of the Minimoog, ARP 2600, Oberheimer OB-Xa and Roland’s VP-330 Vocoder Plus. There are also plans to clone the TR-909 drum machine. In April Behringer announced a new range of affordable Eurorack modules. Watch Sonic State's demo video.