Moog Recordings Library launches with releases from Mika Vainio and Hieroglyphic Being

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  • The new limited-edition label, based on sessions at Moog's Sound Lab UK space, is being curated by Blast First Petite boss Paul Smith.
  • Moog Recordings Library launches with releases from Mika Vainio and Hieroglyphic Being image
  • Moog Music is launching Moog Recordings Library, a label for limited-edition releases of music crafted at the Moog Sound Lab UK. The new endeavor from the acclaimed audio gear manufacturer, like the Moog Sound Lab itself, is curated by Paul Smith, a music industry fixture who runs the label Blast First Petite. It kicks off in June with three releases of recordings from the lab, which is based at the University of Surrey's Institute of Sound Recording. One comes from the late Finnish experimental icon Mika Vainio—he first visited the lab in 2015, primarily using its centerpiece System 55 modular setup to produce two 20-minute pieces under the title Lydspor. Vainio, who had put records as a solo artist and as part of Pan Sonic through Blast First Petite and its precursor Blast First, reportedly said of his experience with the System 55, "I could work with this machine for the rest of my life... I would need nothing else." A second Sound Lab session had been arranged, but the artist died in April 2017. Lydspor is one of his last known solo studio recordings. Also on the way through Moog Recordings Library is The Replicant Dream Sequence, an eight-track record from prolific Chicago leftfield producer Hieroglyphic Being that's described as "21st century Afro-Futurism to the max," and One Way Traffic, an album from The Grid, AKA former Soft Cell member David Ball and Richard Norris. The UK duo were the first to record at the Sound Lab in early 2015, when the studio was being put together. The three records will come separately and as a single package. Appearing on the label later on will be Charlemagne Palestine, Gazelle Twin, Mica Levi and Cabaret Voltaire cofounder Chris Watson. Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor will host a Moog live party sometime in August. Tracklist Mika Vainio - Lydspor (Blue TB7 Series) 01. Lydspor (Part 1) 02. Lydspor (Part 2) Hieroglyphic Being - The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series) 01. Seq 1 02. Seq 2 03. Seq 3 04. Seq 4 05. Seq 5 06. Seq 6 07. Seq 7 08. Seq 8 The Grid - One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series) 01. One Way Traffic 02. Test One 03. Disturbia 04. Goldenfilter 05. ECG 06. DPM Moog Recordings Library will release Lydspor, The Replicant Dream Sequence and One Way Traffic on June 8th, 2018.