Ostgut Ton welcomes Pom Pom with untitled 12-inch

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  • The secretive techno project rarely releases on any label but their own.
  • Ostgut Ton welcomes Pom Pom with untitled 12-inch image
  • Ostgut Ton is putting out an EP from shadowy techno outfit Pom Pom this month. The five-track 12-inch is one of the few releases of theirs to land on someone else's label. They shared a few bits of information about the Untitled EP with The Wire, saying that their connection with Ostgut Ton "just happened," and that they've previously produced using other aliases. The project has been cloaked in secrecy since first appearing in the early '00s, and to date they've quietly put out dozens of well-received records, including the 2008 album CD 001, each coming with a black label and sleeve offering no information about its origins. Efdemin uses a track from Pom Pom in his upcoming hybrid mix/album, Naïf. They'll join him on the lineup for next Thursday's Naïf release party at the Spacehall record store in Berlin. Listen to two tracks from the upcoming EP.
    Tracklist A1 Untitled 1 A2 Untitled 2 B1 Untitled 3 B2 Untitled 4 B3 Untitled 5 Ostgut Ton will release Untitled on April 13th, 2018.