Adam X takes credit for The Secret Initiative project, puts out final EP and anthology box set

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  • The techno veteran says he's behind an alias that started in 2010.
  • Adam X takes credit for The Secret Initiative project, puts out final EP and anthology box set image
  • Sonic Groove boss Adam X is the mind behind the previously anonymous production project The Secret Initiative, which will shut down next month after putting out its final 12-inch and a special USB anthology. The Secret Initiative launched in 2010—the year Adam Mitchell revealed that he was behind the Traversable Wormhole alias—with the first in a string of colored-vinyl records featuring Masonic imagery. Mitchell reportedly sought to make music that touched on "a multitude of classic techno subgenres," working "without expectation [or] stigmatization," while paying homage to the sounds that inspired him in his early years on the scene. Mitchell hadn't publicly claimed credit until now. From the beginning, he planned The Secret Initiative as a series of ten records, and the final entry is now on the way. Along with that comes a special digital anthology: a USB key with all 20 tracks from the project in 24-bit WAV format, housed in an engraved wooden box. Each 12-inch release will also be made available on digital formats for the first time. Listen to a preview of The Secret Initiative X.
    Tracklist The Secret Initiative X A Cognitive Circuits B Incorporeality The Secret Initiative Anthology 01. Polarity Issues 02. Smell, Breath, Electricity 03. Playing God 04. Throwing It Back 05. The Grinding Machine 06. Dark Dirty & Broken 07. Chordrophonic 08. Sentiment Of Pity 09. North Of The Eastern Star 10. Half A Life Ago 11. Static Friction 12. The Risk Factor 13. Meltwater Valley 14. A Flash In The Eye 15. Without An Answer 16. Toneme 17. Synesthete 18. Return To MCMXC 19. Cognitive Circuits 20. Incorporeality The Secret Initiative will release The Secret Initiative X and The Secret Initiative Anthology in late April, 2018. Photo credit: Marie Staggat