David August returns from hiatus with ambient album on his new label, 99CHANTS

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  • DCXXXIX A.C. gets a digital release today, accompanied by an hour-long film from the artist himself.
  • David August returns from hiatus with ambient album on his new label, 99CHANTS image
  • David August has released his second album, DCXXXIX A.C., which inaugurates his new label 99CHANTS. DCXXXIX A.C. sees August, who's been on hiatus for a year, embracing ambient music while connecting with his Italian roots. "I go back in time," he says of the album, "finding myself surrounded by the nature and old spirits of an ancient commune, in the middle of the country." The hour-long release is made up of 24 tracks, mostly recorded in single takes, that form "one long breath," as the artist puts it. The album is out today on digital formats, before a limited vinyl edition lands on March 30th. It's the opening entry in 99CHANTS, a new platform through which August aims to put out 99 total releases (or "chants") from an array of producers. August was last heard with a pair of 12-inches for Ninja Tune's Counter Records offshoot back in 2016. Watch an hour-long video August filmed as an accompaniment for DCXXXIX A.C..
    Tracklist 01. In Limbo 02. The Rite Of Spring 03. Fragments 04. Halo 05. 1999 D.C. 06. Echoes 07. Requiem For A Land 08. Y.H.W.Y.S. 09. Underground 10. Muses And Ashes 11. Light Of The Past 12. His Guide 13. Blue Arc 14. Theory Of Colours 15. Modern Testament 16. Pursuance 17. The Void 18. Venus 19. Gospel Of A Thief 20. Dorian Space 21. Lost Nile 22. Guardians 23. Torre D'Avorio 24. The Gate DCXXXIX A.C. is out now on 99CHANTS.