John Roberts returns with new EP, Spill

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  • The US producer's next release, made up of "songs written and destroyed," is out in April on Brunette Editions.
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  • A new EP from John Roberts, Spill, is on the way via his own Brunette Editions label. Spill will be the first record the US producer has put out under his given name since 2016's Plum LP. (Last year, he appeared under a new alias, Body Four, with an album of experimental works.) The new EP also takes an avant-garde approach, using a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, including recordings from trumpet player Peter Evans and double bass player Maxwell Sterling. An all-caps introduction to the EP reads, in part: "A SERIES OF SONGS WRITTEN AND DESTROYED. SELF-CANNIBALIZED PRODUCTIONS SPIT BACK OUT IN ABNORMAL SILHOUETTES." Roberts initially came to international prominence thanks in large part to the records he put out on Hamburg house and techno label Dial, including the albums Glass Eights (2010) and Fences (2013). Listen to Spill track "Fluid."
    Tracklist 01. Spill 02. Wrecked 03. Fluid Brunette Editions will release Spill on April 13th, 2018.