NAAFI releases debut Debit album, Animus

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  • The first artist LP on the label is out today.
  • NAAFI releases debut Debit album, Animus image
  • Mexico City club label NAAFI has just released Animus, the debut album from Debit. The album, which mixes dance tunes and ambient tracks, narrates "the artist's interpretation of the animus," the label says. Debit, a Mexico-born, New York-based producer, uses the term in a psychological sense, relating to "the gendered body's inner struggle between the personal consciousness and the social consciousness of their sexuality in a spectrum of codified sex." Two more NAAFI affiliates, Wasted Fates and Zutzut, make guest appearances. Animus is the first full-length artist album to come through NAAFI, whose prior output has mostly included free mixtapes and EPs. Read our 2015 label of the month profile for NAAFI. Listen to the entire LP on SoundCloud.
    Tracklist 01. Nadie Diga 02. Gauzy 03. Remain 04. Audiacious 05. Matriz feat. Wasted Fates 06. Anamnesis feat. Zutzut 07. Lamat 08. Realist 09. Power Chords 10. Inflection 11. Mitosis 12. Epigone Animus is available now on NAAFI.