Berghain resident Fiedel curates double-vinyl compilation

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  • Ron Albrecht, Noncompliant and Fiedel appear alongside him on Appendix: Double Mixpack EP.
  • Berghain resident Fiedel curates double-vinyl compilation image
  • Fiedel has announced a new compilation for his Fiedeltwo label. The Berlin DJ and longtime Berghain resident assembled Appendix: Double Mixpack EP over a period of two years. It's made up of eight tracks, from Ron Albrecht, Philippe Petit, Jay Clarke, Noncompliant (previously DJ Shiva) and Dublin's Mode_1, along with Krill Music boss Espen Lauritzen, Ausgang and Fiedel himself, whose contribution includes vocals from Berlin-based French DJ Killa. The label describes Appendix as a pair of records that do well mixed together, which "would allow a DJ to keep on mixing for half an hour after they've shot all their bullets and have nothing left in the bag: no fillers, only killers." It'll be the first compilation Fiedel puts out on one of his labels. Preview the release before it lands in early March, on both vinyl and digital formats.
    Tracklist A1 Noncompliant - Women's Work A2 Espen Lauritzen - Cid B B1 Jay Clarke - In The Shadows B2 Mode_1 - Oíche C1 Ausgang - Acetat C2 Fiedel - Brethren feat. Killa D1 Ron Albrecht - Several Faces D2 Philippe Petit - Summer Fiedeltwo will release Appendix: Double Mixpack in early March, 2018. Photo credit: Danny Croucher