Harvey Sutherland accuses H&M of using song without permission

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  • The Australian producer alleges that the Swedish clothing giant used his "Bamboo" track in an Instagram ad.
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  • Australian house and disco artist Harvey Sutherland, real name Mike Katz, has accused H&M of using one of his tracks without permission. Responding to an ad on H&M's Instagram account that has since been taken down, Katz claims that the backing track used was "Bamboo," a cut from his 2014 Brothers EP. The allegation followed H&M's response to a customer query about the backing track, in which the company stated that the song was untitled and "specifically produced for us." Katz then joined the conversation, stating "this is my song 'Bamboo' that you are using without credit." The post has since been taken down, with no word on the outcome. It's the latest in a string of controversies for H&M—earlier this month, Canadian superstar The Weeknd cut ties with the company after it released offensive images of a new children's hoodie. According to LinkedIn, Katz is a lawyer with the Melbourne firm Studio Legal, which deals with intellectual property, media, commercial, technology and entertainment law.
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