Pittsburgh Modular announces new Microvolt 3900 synthesiser

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  • It ships in three months with a $629 price tag.
  • Pittsburgh Modular announces new Microvolt 3900 synthesiser image
  • Pittsburgh Modular has revealed a new synthesiser, the Microvolt 3900. The new device attempts to take monophonic synths into new territory, incorporating cues from Pittsburgh's range of Eurorack modular gear into a desktop setup. A voltage-controlled oscillator includes waveshaping and pulse-width modulation along with a harmonic sine function for adding bite to sine waves. There's a oscillator mixer for setting the levels of saw, pulse, sine and fold and a state-variable filter with an "unstable" mode for extending the range of the resonance and heating up the signal. A dynamic VCA, which can function as a low-pass gate or regular amp, includes a Pluck switch for generating tight enevelopes. The envelopes themselves are a four-stage ADSR and a voltage-controlled, two-stage function generator—it also has a cycling switch for producing LFO signals. Modulation comes from a free-running, wide-range LFO with a built-in randomiser. Although the synth can be used without any patching, a patch bay with 40 ins and outs is on board for communicating with Eurorack modular gear. Pittsburgh Modular will release the Microvolt 3900 in May, 2018 for $629.00.