Will Saul launches new compilation and mix CD series, Inside Out, on Aus Music

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  • Out in March, Saul's inaugural instalment includes new music by Pearson Sound, Floorplan and Martyn.
  • Will Saul launches new compilation and mix CD series, Inside Out, on Aus Music image
  • Will Saul has announced details of a new compilation and mix CD series called Inside Out, launching through Aus Music in March. The series will give artists full creative control to showcase all-new, exclusive music, be it their own material or tunes from friends, collaborators and affiliates. Each release will come as a mixed CD and a gatefold double-vinyl pack of select unmixed tracks, along with digital versions for both. "My DJ-Kicks four years ago was comprised of entirely new music commissioned especially for the project, so I'd had a taste of this concept," Saul explains. "I think it's the idea of all the music being completely new that's hopefully most exciting." The inaugural edition of Inside Out comes from Saul himself, and it features new cuts from the likes of Pearson Sound, Marquis Hawkes, Floorplan (AKA Robert Hood), Move D, FaltyDL, Martyn, Gerd and Sei A. "I definitely wanted this mix to work in a listening environment," he said. "I didn't want it to be a banging peak-time mix at all, although there is a ten to 15-minute section where it gets a bit tougher. I also wanted to try and create two peaks in the mix." Future artists on the series are still TBA, though Saul says they include a UK label head, a UK producer making a mix using only his own music, and "a German producer who is working on a series of collaborations with friends combined with new music of his own." He also offers this hint: "None have worked with Aus Music before beyond a remix." Stream "Positive" from Komon & Will Saul.
    Tracklist CD 01. Falty DL - Piano & Flute 02. Komon - Mission 03. Tee Mango - Too Future 04. Deadboy - He Became A Bird Or A Snake 05. Martyn - Feel The Magnetism 06. Lone - Rent Cheque Night 07. Marquis Hawkes - Need You 08. Falty DL - Pound 09. Nathan Micay - Vor Showers 10. Sei A - Suspended Smoke 11. Komon - Waiting For The Dust To Settle 12. Appleblim - Divine Infinity 13. Sei A - Via 14. Falty DL - Fire OG 15. Move D - Gleeko Drive 16. Juxta Position - Glider 17. Gerd - Echos 18. Primitive Trust - Little Love (Floorplan Stripped Remix) 19. Dauwd - Dolly Silverlake 20. Pearson Sound - Pearls 21. Youandewan - Insel 2000 22. Mr. Beatnik - Call Of The Wild Vinyl A1 Move D - Gleeko Drive A2 Youandewan - Insel 2000 B1 Pearson Sound - Pearls B2 Dauwd - Dolly Silverlake C1 Lone - Rent Cheque Night C2 Marquis Hawkes - Need You D1 Martyn - Feel The Magnetism D2 Appleblim - Divine Infinity D3 Mr. Beatnick - Call Of The Wild Aus Music will release Inside Out on March 30th, 2018.