Korg announces Prologue, a flagship analogue synthesiser

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  • The polyphonic design is available in a eight or 16 voice version.
  • Korg announces Prologue, a flagship analogue synthesiser image
  • Korg is releasing a new polyphonic synthesiser called Prologue. The Prologue, which follows the Minilogue and Monologue, features one of Korg's most powerful synth engines. Available in eight and 16 voice versions, containing 49 and 61 keys respectively, it combines the accessible interface of its predecessors with two analogue VCOs and a multi-timbral oscillator boasting complex digital waveforms and FM capabilities. There's also a noise generator with four flavours of noise for creating percussive sounds and effects. Users can load their own waveforms into 16 free slots, which is augmented by a forthcoming Software Development Kit allowing developers to "program, customise and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects." The oscillator's tone can be modulated with wave shaping, sync and ring modulation, before the signal passes into a two-pole low pass filter with a high cut switch. An LFO, VCA and two envelope generators control the shape of the sound, which can then pass through two effects units providing delays, reverbs, choruses and more. There's even a VU meter and analogue low end booster / compressor on the 16 voice version. The synth can play two programs simultaneously. Users can crossfade between the two timbres or layer and split the programs. The voices can be set to polyphonic, monophonic, unison and chord modes. There's also a complex arpeggiator on board. Watch a promo video for the new synth.
    Korg will release the Prologue-8 and Prologue-16 in January for $1499 and $1999 respectively.