Appleblim announces debut album, Life In A Laser

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  • It'll land through Sneaker Social Club in March.
  • Appleblim announces debut album, Life In A Laser image
  • Appleblim's debut album, Life In A Laser, is coming out in March. The nine-track LP will see release on Sneaker Social Club, the UK rave-influenced label set up by Hypercolour's Jamie Russell in 2011. The record nods to golden-era hardcore, breaks and rave, while also retaining Appleblim's future-facing aesthetic. Life In A Laser arrives 13 years on from his first release on Skull Disco, the label he ran with Shackleton until it folded in 2008. Listen to album cut "NCI."
    Tracklist 01. Life In A Laser 02. Ignite 03. I Think We'll Let The Gas Sort This One Out 04. NCI 05. Manta Key 06. Flows From Within 07. Chrome Mist 08. Astral Light Highway 09. Pyramirror Sneaker Social Club will release Life In A Laser in March 2018.