Roche launches temporary label project, Perfect Location, with an ambient album

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  • The label plans to put out 24 digital releases and a vinyl compilation in 2018.
  • Roche launches temporary label project, Perfect Location, with an ambient album image
  • San Francisco-based artist Experimental Housewife is starting a one-year label project in 2018, called Perfect Location Records, with an album from Roche. Perfect Location aims to highlight Bay Area talent while also putting out music from international artists, and promises a wide range of music and a conceptual focus on "location, fleeting moments, microcosmic styles and stories." The plan calls for 24 total digital releases, announced in batches of four. Proceeds from sales will go toward a vinyl retrospective collecting highlights from the year's output, and when 2018 is finished, the label will close. The album from Roche, AKA Ben Winans, is called A Genuine Effort To Make You Comfortable. The nearly hour-long work is described as an "ambient voyage" that was first conceived for a yoga session featuring live music. It's due out in early January. The other three releases in the label's initial announcement come from Memeshift, Gayphextwin and Experimental Housewife herself, who has crafted a "dance floor friendly EP" titled Ecodance. Golden Diskó Ship and The Hug are some of the other names contributing to the cause later on. Roy England and David Last (the latter of whom recently announced crowdfunding effort to support his own label, based around the studio he built with Cherushii before she died in last year's Oakland warehouse fire) will handle its mastering. Preview Roche's album.
    Tracklist 01. A Genuine Effort To Make You Comfortable 02. Union Of The Weightless 03. A Train To Nowhere 04. Euphoria And Melancholy 05. Deeper 06. The Sun, The Earth, The Moon & The Sea Perfect Location Records will release A Genuine Effort to Make You Comfortable on January 4th, 2017.