Mister Saturday Night to open Indoors space at NYC club Nowadays

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  • Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin's latest undertaking, a year-round addition to their seasonal bar in Queens, will host three parties this weekend.
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  • Indoors, a year-round, 5000-square foot addition to Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin's outdoor bar in Queens, Nowadays, is opening this weekend. The indoor space, and its two custom soundsystems, came into existence with support from a successful Kickstarter campaign that Carter and Harkin, AKA Mister Saturday Night, launched earlier this year. It features a restaurant and bar along with a dining room that turns into a dance floor for parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. (Thursday nights will have free admission.) One soundsystem is described as an homage to audiophile listening bars in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood, and the other, built by longtime sound engineer Craig Bernabeu, is designed for dance floor use. This Friday's Opening Night event will feature sets from Discwoman crew member Bearcat, Night Doll and Precolumbian. The following evening sees Carter and Harkin hold court with Mister Saturday Night. On Sunday, the venue hosts its first weekly Planetarium event—an early-evening session "where people are invited to bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags to lie on the floor and get lost in music," as a press release puts it. Huerco S, playing live, is the guest at that one, with Carter, Harkin and Planetarium resident Josh Dunn DJing throughout the night. After this weekend's set of parties, Indoors will open for business on a daily basis starting next Thursday. Upcoming bookings at Indoors include Avalon Emerson, Scott Grooves and Aurora Halal each playing all-night sets, and a double bill featuring Veronica Vasicka and Josh Cheon (the mind behind our current label of the month, Dark Entries), along with the likes of Phil Moffa, K-HAND, Gunnar Haslam and DJ Python. Check out some photos of Indoors, and head to the Nowadays venue page for its event schedule.