100% Silk pays tribute to Oakland fire victims with new compilation, Silk To Dry The Tears

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  • The 31-track set, due out in February, features music from Octo Octa, Golden Teacher and the late Johnny Igaz, AKA Nackt.
  • 100% Silk pays tribute to Oakland fire victims with new compilation, Silk To Dry The Tears image
  • 100% Silk is releasing a compilation in tribute to the victims of last year's Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. According to Pitchfork, half the profits from Silk To Dry The Tears will go to Safer DIY Spaces, an Oakland-based coalition that emerged in the wake of the December 2nd tragedy, which claimed the lives of 36 people while they were at a 100% Silk party. The 31-track release features music by the likes of Golden Teacher, Jupiter Jax, Sapphire Slows and Nackt, AKA Johnny Igaz, who died in the blaze. Octo Octa's contribution, "Not Sure What to Do (Variation Zoning 4)," is a new version of a demo that came out in 2016. Silk To Dry The Tears is out on February 9th. This isn't the first time 100% Silk has paid its respects to the victims—shortly after the fire, the Los Angeles-based label repressed memorial editions of tapes from Nackt and Cherushii, who were both performing at the Ghost Ship event when they died. Read Andrew Ryce's opinion piece, penned in response to the fire. Tracklist 01. The Cyclist - The City Hangover 02. Akasha System - Bloom 03. Coyote Clean Up - Worldwide Sunshine (In Yr Heart Not the Sky Dub) 04. Lunate - Memory Traces 05. Sapphire Slows - Sometimes 06. PARC - Dream 07. Octo Octa - Not Sure What to Do (Variation Zoning 4) 08. Anna Cook - Underwater Phonecall 09. Kaazi - Paix/Paix 10. Afterhours - Mood Ring 11. Fast Times - Hotmachine 12. Maria Minerva - Losing You 13. Beat Detectives - New Swing 14. Nackt - Der Konig 1-4 15. Strategy - California 16. Bobby Browser - Desert Wind 17. Orthographic Figure - No Way 18. Deeper Kenz - Lit Blank 19. Policy - Hold Me 20. Jupiter Jax - Together 21. Pleasure Model - La Guardia 22. Magic Touch + Bobby B - Londonbeat 23. Body-San - Tongue Control 24. Gary Safe - Dial Up to the Palace 25. Regularfantasy - Anything (But That) [Plush Managements Inc. Spare Me Mix] 26. James Booth - Internalize 27. Romy - Footsteps 28. Pharaohs - Cry Of Love 29. Golden Teacher - Four Faces 30. Roche - The City Looks Beautiful From Up Here 31. CosBV - Night Drifting 100% Silk will release Silk To Dry The Tears on February 9th, 2018. Photo credit: Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.