DeepChord and Fluxion announce their first release as Transformations

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  • The Accumulate EP is out on Fluxion's Vibrant Music label in late November, before the duo debuts their live set in San Francisco next month.
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  • DeepChord and Fluxion are releasing their first EP as Transformations this month. Longtime dub techno and ambient producers Rod Modell and Konstantinos Soublis announced their collaboration back in July, though a press release for the Accumulate EP says they've been working together to create an "improvisational sound environment" since 2014. The record, coming through Soublis' own label, Vibrant Music, has them embracing the long-form approach often heard in their other works—it splits about 24 minutes of music across two tracks. The two artists are also set to debut their Transformations live show at San Francisco's Gray Area Foundation For The Arts on Friday December 8th. bvdub, a San Francisco native and a similarly well-regarded purveyor of spacious, evocative electronic music, will also perform at that one. Word of a debut release and live appearance for Transformations comes two months after Subwax Bcn put out a 10-inch with two DeepChord reworks of Chain Reaction-era Fluxion material. A new DeepChord LP, AuraTones, landed on Soma Records just a couple weeks ago. Listen to samples of Accumulate at Tracklist A Accumulate Pt. 1 B Accumulate Pt. 2 Vibrant Forms will release Accumulate on November 24th, 2017.