Call Super curates Het Weekend at De School in Amsterdam

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  • Beatrice Dillon, Ben UFO and Karen Gwyer are among the artists who will join Joe Seaton at the weekend-long event.
  • Call Super curates Het Weekend at De School in Amsterdam image
  • Call Super is overseeing a weekend-long Het Weekend event at De School in Amsterdam next month. The event will run from Saturday, December 9th, until Monday, December 11th. It'll take place across three rooms, with four DJs playing twice: Call Super, Ben UFO, Objekt and upsammy. Other artists on the programme include Gatto Fritto, Izabel, Shanti Celeste, Luc Mast, Job Jobse, Cinnaman, Karen Gwyer and Tammo Hesselink. Call Super, real name Joe Seaton, wrote about the concept of the night in a blog post on De School's website. He said the De School event "acknowledges my creative debt" to Anita Sarko, a pioneering DJ at New York's Mudd Club, who died in 2015. "Whatever her sets were in reality, they have taken on a fabulous, imagined quality in my mind, and it's those idle dreams that I'd like to try and get in touch with this December," he writes. Read Will Lynch's profile of Call Super from earlier this year.