Ricardo Villalobos and Butch return as ButRic

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  • The pair have an EP coming on Butch's Otherside label in March 2018.
  • Ricardo Villalobos and Butch return as ButRic image
  • Ricardo Villalobos and Butch will release another collaborative EP. Fünfviertel is the second record from the pair, following 2013's Up on Villalobos's Sei Es Drum label. Like Up, the new EP presents two psychedelic minimal tunes recorded at one of the many recording sessions they've had in Villalobos's Berlin studio. Fünfviertel, which means "five quarters" in German, lands in March through Butch's vinyl-only Otherside outlet. Hear samples at deejay.de. For more on Butch and his creative process, listen to his RA Exchange.
    Tracklist A Fünfviertel B Down Otherside will release Fünfviertel on March 15th, 2018.