The Orb mixes 20 Years Of Shitkatapult

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  • Tracks from Cristian Vogel, Phon.o and Apparat make it onto the 18-track retrospective.
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  • Shitkatapult will celebrate 20 years of operation with a retrospective mix CD mixed by The Orb. Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann string together 18 tracks from the Berlin label, taking in contributions from longtime Shitkatapult artists like Cristian Vogel, Phon.o and Apparat. Soul Center, a Thomas Brinkmann solo project, also appears, along with tracks by Judith Juillerat, The Sorry Entertainers and Frank Bretschneider. Currently run by Marco Haas and Apparat, Shitkatapult has released a wide range of sounds since it was founded in 1997, putting out techno, house, electroclash, IDM and more. The Orb Chronicals (20 Years of Shitkatapult) lands in November. Tracklist 01. Fenin - Adeto / Bus - What Is Paris? feat. Dabrye 02. Phon.o - Verborg Nie Die 6 03. Sami Koivikko - Erisana 04. Cristian Vogel - Telemorphosis 05. The Sorry Entertainers - The Only Thing I Know 06. Judith Juillerat - Vol-Au-Vent 07. Khan Of Finland - H&M Freedom 08. Cristian Vogel - Barefoot Agnete 09. T-raumschmiere - Nuclear Bedtime Stories 10. Shrubbn!! - Drunen 11. Frank Bretschneider - Subharchorded Waves 12. Boxtype - Spin 13. Oval - Kasino 14. Sun Electric - Toninas (Villalobos Remix) / Mm Studio - One Dub 15. Soul Center - Pig Peg 16. Apparat - Not A Number 17. Tom Thiel - Laissez Faire 18. Shrubbn!! - Echos (The Orb Remix) Shitkatapult will release The Orb Chronicals (20 Years of Shitkatapult) on November 24th, 2017.