Bleaching Agent, Mondkopf appear on triple-vinyl VOITAX compilation

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  • Cressida and Swarm Intelligence also contribute to the set.
  • Bleaching Agent, Mondkopf appear on triple-vinyl VOITAX compilation image
  • VOITAX has announced a triple-vinyl compilation. A mixture of new and established names appear on VOITAX X, the Berlin techno label's tenth release. Many of its 12 tracks come from core artists such as Cressida, Swarm Intelligence, Rory St John and Nyarlathotep, who share space with higher profile producers such as Mondkopf, Bleaching Agent and Domenico Crisci. Founded in 2013, VOITAX specialises in a high-energy brand of techno favoured by DJs with a taste for the style's grittier side. Until now, most of its releases have been white-label 12-inches. Stream samples for the new compilation.
    Tracklist A1 Mondkopf - You Were Too Proud A2 Rory St John - Respond To Call B1 Makaton - Around The Throat B2 Nyarlathotep - Burning Swans Rise From The Lake C1 Swarm Intelligence - Coiled C2 Domenico Crisci - Circles D1 Cressida - Deserter D2 Unhuman - Eobshin E1 Paàl - Her Holiness feat. Mara E2 Bleaching Agent - Aweil F1 Esker - Dano F2 Second Spectre - Baiser Mortel Voitax will release VOITAX X in late October.