Blush Response album coming on Adam X's Sonic Groove label

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  • Infinite Density is out in November.
  • Blush Response album coming on Adam X's Sonic Groove label image
  • Adam X's Sonic Groove label is preparing for release an album from Blush Response called Infinite Density. Blush Response is Joey Gonzalez, a Cuban-American producer now based in Berlin whose music is an intense blend of EBM, industrial and techno. He debuted on Sonic Groove back in January with the Human Augmentation EP, and now Adam X has enlisted him for an 11-track, hour-long album described as being designed for "concrete arenas." It includes an appearance (on strings) by former Front Line Assembly member Rhys Fulber, who also put out an EP on Sonic Groove earlier this year. Infinite Density follows Blush Response releases for imprints including Ant-Zen, Desire Records and aufnahme + wiedergabe. To date, only one other artist besides Adam X has put out an album through Sonic Groove: the duo Orphx, whose Pitch Black Mirror LP landed late last year. News of a new LP on Sonic Groove comes shortly after the label recently reissued a rare 12-inch from Beta Evers and welcomed back Dasha Rush with a new EP, Ain't No God Nor King. Listen to a clip of Infinite Density cut "Tesselate."
    Tracklist 01. Infinite Density 02. Panic Stricken 03. No Solace 04. Aum Shinrikyo 05. Survivor Guilt 06. Painkiller feat. Rhys Fulber 07. Serpentine 08. Infinite Dread 09. Tryptamine 10. Tesselate 11. Dead Still Air Sonic Groove will release Infinite Density on November 6th, 2017.