De School throws 62-hour party during ADE 2017

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  • Kara-Lis Coverdale, RAMZi and Aurora Halal will play live, though the DJs are yet to be announced.
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  • De School will host a 62-hour party during this year's Amsterdam Dance Event. Most of the lineup is still under wraps, but the 700-capacity club has revealed six live acts: Kara-Lis Coverdale, Ramzi, Iona Fortune, Oceanic, Aurora Halal and Stellar OM Source. These artists, plus a roster of DJs, will play across three rooms and the club's garden, which will also host light and art installations. The party will run between the evening of Friday, October 20th and the morning of Monday the 23rd. "After last year's ADE we realized we weren't happy with separate events anymore," says De School promoter Luc Mastenbroek. "It seemed more fun to try and show how different disciplines, genres and subcultures are related, instead of breaking them apart." Tickets will go on sale at midday Amsterdam time on Wednesday August 23rd.

    • Fri, Oct 20, 2017

      Het Weekend 20.10 – 23.10

      Lucy, JD Twitch, Sandrien, Tom Trago, Maarten Mittendorff, Stellar OM Source, Talismann, Strange Boutique, Jasper Wolff, JP Enfant, Job Jobse, Young Marco, Elias Mazian, Dr. Rubinstein, Avalon Emerson, 751, Philou Louzolo, Cinnaman, Oceanic, Aurora Halal, Interstellar Funk, Max Abysmal, Luc Mast, Job Sifre, LNS, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Vic Crezée, Mairo Nawaz, Izabel, RAMZi, Tammo Hesselink, Iona Fortune, CARISTA, upsammy