Echoplex double-pack inaugurates new label, Solar Phenomena

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  • The Solar Experience includes a remix from A Made Up Sound.
  • Echoplex double-pack inaugurates new label, Solar Phenomena image
  • A new label, Solar Phenomena, is set to launch soon with a vinyl double-pack from Echoplex called The Solar Experience. Not much is known about Solar Phenomena at the moment, other than that the nascent imprint is based in Canada. Echoplex, AKA Peter Sliwinski, a Polish techno producer who's used a few different aliases to craft records over the past two decades, offers up six original tracks on The Solar Experience. Dutch artist Dave Huisman pitches in with a remix as A Made Up Sound—his first remix since 2015, and apparently the only one he'll put out this year. The double-pack lands in late September. Samples haven't been posted yet. For now, listen to the title track for the Echoplex 12-inch This Is My Techno Melody, issued on Arts Collective earlier this year.
    Tracklist A1 The Solar Experience A2 Anywhere B1 Your Place B2 Your Place (A Made Up Sound Remix) C1 The Sun Still Shines C2 Memorabillia D A Match Made In Heaven Solar Phenomena will release The Solar Experience on September 28th, 2017.