Emmanuel to release new album, Rave Culture

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  • It's out on Artscore, an offshoot of the Italian techno producer's ARTS label, next month.
  • Emmanuel to release new album, Rave Culture image
  • A new album from Emmanuel is on the way. Rave Culture is Italian artist Emmanuel Beddewela's second full-length, after 2012's The Man With No Shadow. He's putting it out late next month through Artscore, a recently launched offshoot of his ARTS label group. The label says it "pushes the boundaries of techno" while "showing respect for the old-school way of doing things." Besides ARTS and his other imprint, Darkmatter Inc., Beddewela has appeared in recent years on labels like Deeply Rooted, Monnom Black and Planet Rhythm. Watch a teaser video for Rave Culture.
    Tracklist A1 Shinobi ?? A2 Chainreaction B1 Conductor B2 Anthem 1 B3 Simmetria C1 Ultratribe C2 Pixel Drifter C3 Do Something Instead Of Killing Time Because Time Is Killing You D1 Killer Floor D2 Principio Di Forza Artscore will release Rave Culture on September 25th, 2017.