Mohlao and Wanderwelle albums coming up on Silent Season

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  • The busy Canadian label has two new LPs on the way.
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  • Silent Season is releasing new albums from Mohlao and Wanderwelle. Jamie McCue's Vancouver Island label—which releases deep, dubby techno and ambient music—is connecting with Dutch producer Samuel van Dijk, who also produces under the names VC-118A and Multicast Dynamics, to release Landforms, his debut LP as Mohlao. (That project appeared on Silent Season's first 12-inch, the 2010 mini-compilation Full Circle.) "I've been a longtime fan of Mohlao's sound since I first heard his Ambrose 12-inch [from 2009] on Meanwhile," McCue told Resident Advisor. "I've asked a few times in the past to work together [again]. We met at Paral·lel Festival [in Spain] last year, and it was great to get to know him in person. It's rare to meet label artists and friends given my remote location... this album came a few months after." The 10-track LP is expected in September. (A firm date hasn't been set yet.) It'll be van Dijk's second full-length of the year—he released Continental Ruins, under his ambient-leaning Multicast Dynamics alias, on Denovali back in January. Next week, Silent Season will also put out Lost In A Sea Of Trees from the duo Wanderwelle. Another project with Dutch roots, Wanderwelle first surfaced with a digital EP on Silent Season two years ago. McCue says their first album has them inspired by "European woodlands and local folklore." It'll come on two slabs of green wax and on digital formats, with a cover illustration from Floor van het Nederend, and a gatefold image from label photographer Danthon. You can learn more about the album project at the Silent Season website. A few months ago, Silent Season issued the first five of ten EPs celebrating the label's ten-year anniversary. Listen to a track from each upcoming album.
    Tracklist Mohlao - Landforms 01. Rotar 02. Voltool One 03. Neptune 04. Hue 05. Vector 06. Outline 07. Undertone 08. Flare 09. Patchbay 10. Landforms Wanderwelle - Lost In A Sea Of Trees 01. The Starry Night 02. Where The Wind Howls 03. Through The Meadow 04. Lured By An Unseen Presence 05. Across The River The Leaves Whisper 06. Eyes In Looming Trees 07. Unholy Grounds 08. The Domovoi Silent Season will release Lost In A Sea Of Trees on July 31st, and Landforms in September 2017.