Beastie Respond announces new album, Information City

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  • The Danish producer's second LP comes through Foul-Up in September.
  • Beastie Respond announces new album, Information City image
  • Beastie Respond has a new album on the way. Copenhagen-based Tobias Hjørnet Pedersen's latest record was inspired by the information overload of the social media age—specifically how it can distort our notions of what is reality and what is fictional. For Information City, Pedersen samples from all sorts of media, including YouTube videos and memes, and works them into uptempo music informed by drum & bass, jungle, footwork and electro. The LP comes through the relatively new Berlin label Foul-Up, run by Misantrop, and follows Galaxian's well-received Blowback EP from April. Pedersen has been making UK-inspired dance music hybrids since 2011, primarily released through Denmark's Teal Recordings and, more recently, Circle Vision. Listen to "A Good Wisdom."
    Tracklist A1 Real Without Origin A2 Lullabies For The Lost And Forgotten A3 We Never Truly Understood The Architecture A4 They Mobilized Ignorance And Slack A5 Enter 89 A6 He Used His Bench Lathe To Form His Wooden Sculpture B1 Information City B2 A Good Wisdom B3 Downloaded 4 R. D4Wkins B4 The Truth Hides The Fact That There Is None B5 Never-Present