Warp to reissue B12's ambient techno classic Electro-Soma

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  • The fourth installment of the Artificial Intelligence series returns to vinyl.
  • Warp to reissue B12's ambient techno classic Electro-Soma image
  • Warp Records is reissuing B12's Electro-Soma in August. Originally released by the Sheffield imprint in 1993, Electro-Soma was comprised largely of material that Steven Rutter and Michael Golding had released under aliases like Musicology on their own label B12 Records. It was the fourth edition of the Artificial Intelligence series, which featured pivotal records from Aphex Twin, Autechre, Richie Hawtin and The Black Dog. The 12-track LP introduced them to the world as B12 for the first time and earned them a place in the history of UK ambient techno and early IDM. The reissue remasters the tracks from the original source and comes with additional material. This includes an essay from Ben Murphy, track-by-track annotations and a set of archival images and memorabilia from the early '90s. Three different packages will be available. Apart from the regular vinyl repress, there is a companion volume compiled by B12 presenting other tracks from the era previously unreleased on vinyl. A 2CD package contains both the original record and the companion volume. B12 will also be celebrating the release with a live set at The Yard in London on September 15th. Read more about B12 in our feature. Listen to "Hall Of Mirrors."
    Tracklist 01. Soundtrack Of Space 02. Hall Of Mirrors 03. Mondrin 04. Obsessed 05. Bio Dimension 06. Basic Emotion 07. Metropolis 08. Obtuse 09. Debris 10. Telefone 529 11. Satori 12. Static Emotion Warp will reissue Electro-Soma on August 25th, 2017.